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High quality, plain, dometic or imported Confederate issue blankets are hard to come by.  With the help of B. & B. Tart, Family Heirloom Weavers, and the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, we can offer an excellent reproduction of a blanket issued to artilleryman Thomas Brooke in the middle of the war.  Brooke's blanket has been reproduced before, but with the colors swapped.  This reproduction is undyed with colored end stripes as per the original.  At a bit over 6 feet long and not quite 4 pounds the blanket is not enormous,  but will make for an excellent primary Reb blanket for most of the year and great option for a second blanket in the winter.  And they make good saddle blankets too!

C.S. Issue Blanket -We Soon Got Proud - SOLD OUT

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