“Homespun” cotton shirts are the most overrepresented item in the hobby!  Every U.S. Army soldier was provided with wool shirts by the government, and you need one for your impression.  To make this Group Buy deal even sweeter, we are offering copies of the recently discovered grey flannel version of the standard U.S. Army issue shirt--the only known surviving example of a shirt produced by the millions--made from custom grey and white wool and cotton flannel woven for us to match the original exactly!  As this flannel is woven narrow, exactly like the original, and utilizes the selvedge for both side seams, this shirt can only be one size--about a 44 to maybe a 46.  If you need larger, check out the other variation of the U.S. issue shirt available via the Petersburg Group Buys.

U.S. Issue Shirt, Grey Flannel - Petersburg