You can’t get a better forage cap today than one of those being made by Conor Timoney.  They are simply the closest reproductions of the originals in every way, bar none.  And the price can’t be beat too.  These caps are copied from an original S.D. Walton-made example.  

The firm of Samuel Walton, based out of 125 North 3rd Street in Philadelphia, obtained their first army contract on August 22nd 1861 for 10,000 Forage Caps at 70 cents a piece. Waltons caps are a mild departure from those produced by the Schuylkill Arsenal. Their main features include a small 5” disc, a broad convex visor and a sweatband running stitched into place and turned all the way around leaving no exposed stitching along the bottom edge of the cap.

The cloth for this particular run is of a deep indigo blue Melton lined in a twill Silesia with a slight greenish cast.  The label is skillfully reproduced from the original.

S.D. Walton Forage Cap - 2nd N.H. - SOLD OUT